June 1, 2019



Hi, as I informed you in my previous blog  about my Hair problems and how I tried to overcome them, this particular Paraben and sufate free shampoo which is Aegte Complete hair defense shampoo with Onion, Fenugreek,Gooseberry extracts has helped me a lot in recent days specially with my hair fall issues.I generally have natural voluminous wavy hair with medium length.I had faced lot of hair fall problems especially after moving to Qatar due to climatic conditions.I have been using this product since 5 months and now I have observed noticeable changes which has made my life better.


 Packaging :

It comes in a bottle with pump packaging very travel friendly and easy to use.

The pump was very well secured during transit to prevent spillage.The ingredient list,direction to use, the price and manufacture date are mentioned on the back side of the bottle.The net weight of the product is 250ml. It has a shelf life of 2 years.


Important ingredients and their benefits :

Ingredients mentioned are : water,onion extract,Methi extract (Fenugreek ) Amla oil (Gooseberry) Vitamin E,Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Coco glucoside,Laurly Glucoside,CAPB,D Panthenol,Polysorbate80,Phenoxyethanol.

The benefits of natural ingredients like Amla, Methi,Onion have been know to us since ages. Specially when it comes to hair care.


Fenugreek (Methi ) :

It helps in control of hair fall and dandruff.

It provides shine to your hair.

It promotes hair growth.

It is a natural conditioner.


Onion :

It helps in improving hair growth.

It is rich in sulfur which nourishes the hair follicles.

It minimizes hair breakage.


Amla (Gooseberry ) :

It facilitates hair growth.

It strengthens the hair.

It also improves hair colour.


Appearance and consistency of the product :


The shampoo has a pearl white colour and between creamy to  watery consistency.It has a typical fragrance which reminds you of the natural ingredients.It does not give you any harsh onion smell .


Direction of Use :

Use sufficient water to form lather and massage through the hair and scalp.It forms a good lather.


 Pros :

It has helped me to overcome hair fall and has made my hair more shinny.I still have not completely overcome hair problems but the product seems to be promising to help me in future.It is a shampoo plus conditioner so no need of investing in a separate conditioner.I would surely repurchase it.

Cons :

At the beginning I felt that my hair was becoming dry but on continuous usage  it got better.It has a fragrance which could be irritating to some people but I am totally fine with it.Do not bring it in contact to your eyes which can cause irritation.Give it a try and check if you get any irritation then  discontinue.I personally did not feel any irritation in fact it has benefited me a lot.


Price and availability : You can find it online on for Rs.699 for 250ml product.


Affiliate link : click image


Rating :4.5/5


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